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Ironing things out by electrifried Ironing things out by electrifried
So you know that zine I said I was working on a few months ago? Yeahh...I'm still working on that. It's going to be display at my grad show this year so I want to make it as amazing as possible. I've also been majorly busy with college work hence the lack of updates and new stuff. I feel really bad for not doing more but I plan to in my holidays. It's basically been all design and no illustration for me for the past few weeks and it feels weird. I love design and all but I can't wait to get back into painting.

Anyway this is a page from it, and I also made a new tumblr for the zine too to separate it from everything else I'm doing. It's going to have letterings, concepts, random stuff so it made sense to keep it separate. Mainly because I also want to make the zine an ongoing project of mine with different themes for each version. It's actually something I've always wanted to do for ages (years in fact), and I did really love writing at one stage too (not to say I don't love it now, it's just I'm not as practised as I used to be). I'm also getting into bookbinding so the plan is to hand-bind and foil it when it's all done. Anyway the link is below if you want to keep up to date with all the progress on it in the next few months.
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